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I first began working with Rochelle 3 years ago. She helped us find new tenants for our condo. It was one of the smoothest transitions from getting our previous tenants moved out to finding new tenants, which she found in a matter of a few days. We were not in Seattle at the time so it was quite a relief to have someone trusting take care of the whole process. She has continued to support us through future things that have come up with tenants over the years including renewing our lease. She's very knowledgeable and openly shares her knowledge and is super responsive whenever you email. I also find her very fair in considering and being empathetic towards both the position of the landlord and also the position of the tenants, which makes me trust her even more.

~ Elle F

Laura, thank you very much for all the work you and your organization have done for us over the last 10 years, and I appreciate the fact that you've kept the property continuously rented. The house is currently up for sale, and we will no longer be renting the house out.

I would definitely recommend you to anyone who requires the services of a property manager.

~ Judy G.


I am Steve W. I have lived in a property that you manage for the last year... (Taylor Ave. North). I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Lynne Commins of your office. Lynne is one of the best professionals with whom I have ever worked. She is attentive and efficient. She is understanding and has a very likeable demeanor. Lynne is diligent in the interests of the owner and tenant alike. I would consider it a service if you would, at my request, forward a copy of this email to the owners of Unit "C". They are well represented.

Thank You

~ Steve W.

Rochelle and Laura are excellent people to work with.

I support individuals with disabilities living in the community and I've learned to turn to the Sagen Group for my client's housing needs. They are caring, compassionate and understanding. Any time that we have called them for a repair it was completed with utter swiftness.

I would recommend the Sagen Group.

~ Chris M.

I have recently transfered my property management needs to Sagen Group from a larger company in the Seattle area. This summer has been a pleasant one due to the change in personal business service that we have received from Jenifer. The fast communication and clear responses are very appreciated. I would recommend them to anyone looking for that personal touch when it comes to property management needs.

~ Sugar G.

Sagen Group is great. I recommend them to anyone who needs to rent out a property in Seattle or to any looking to rent a property. The have a great website with photos and descriptions of the properties in many different areas of the city.

A co-worker highly recommended them to me in 2009 when I inherited a house in Phinney Ridge. I knew nothing about being a landlord or managing a property. I didn't know where to begin. Would I have to do a lot of work? How much will the rent be? Lots of questions.

I met Laura Sagen at the house and I was immediately relieved. She was really nice and really familiar with my situation. She knew just what had to be done and most of all what didn't have to be done. She has all the resources for what was needed. Painters, landscapers, etc. She advertises the property, screens the applicants, rents the house. Everything was done. I have had the same great tenant for 3 years.

I am very happy with every part of my experience with Sagen Group Property Management.

~ Francine N.

Laura Sagen and her team are great! I own one small rental house, and was nervous about signing on with a property management company....but I am so glad I went with the Sagen Group.

Laura was able to rent my property in less than a week for much more money than I was getting on my own with the previous renter. Laura has been in the property management business for several years, so her knowledge of market values and rentability is very, very helpful in getting properties rented quickly , yet not sacrificing rental income in the process. She is professional and prompt and followed through with frequent communications regarding the status of my rental property. I really appreciated that during the process of obtaining new renters.

I would give 5 stars, but I only just signed on with this company so I am saving the 5th star until after the new renters move in. I am certain that the great service I have received thus far from the Sagen Group will continue well into the new rental year.

Thanks Sagen Group for making this process so easy!

~ Melissa B.

As a tenant, I couldn't ask for more personal service from a property manager. Yesterday I reported that our chimney sweep couldn't get the chimney to draft because of mortar damage and today Sagen had a guy here to do an inspection. He submitted his estimate of the brick chimney damage, cleaned up the mess left by the chimney sweep that was keeping the stovepipe from drafting, and even helped build a fire in the wood-stove before leaving. Then Laura Sagen called to tell me she has a vacancy coming up in an area where my daughter wants to live -- and she's holding off advertising until we look at it. Not many property managers are that accommodating, and although they clearly work for the benefit of the landlord (as I saw in another review), they take good care of their tenants as well. I would be delighted to have my daughter under Sagen's wing.

~ Joyce H.

Customer Service is at its finest at this place. The staff goes above and beyond the customers needs.

~ Zieke L.

We've been working with Rochelle for several years now, and both Teri and I have come to really appreciate how she manages our property and tenants vs. others property managers. She's dedicated and truly has our best interests in mind, watching the property closely for needed maintenance/repairs, completing requested improvements/repairs, leasing to quality tenants, and also enforcing the rules with them in a fair manner. Teri and I were both impressed with the condition of the property during a recent visit, and have to admit I don't believe it's the simplest property to manage or maintain.

An example of her diligence was meeting with Teri and I on a recent Sunday to inspect the property right before attending an athletic activity for her son. It was the weekend, and she had plans, but since we're out of state residents working with limited time in Seattle , she expended the effort and worked us into her schedule. Teri and I have had other employed WA property managers that didn't have time to meet with us while we were visiting the Seattle area, even though we'd traveled close to 2000 miles from TX to be there.

Rochelle is a great asset to us, and we not only consider her a great professional ally, but also a personal friend - she's also a great representative for your company.

I hope all's going well for you in the NW - both Teri and I miss it and have plans on moving back, some day!

~ Curt C.

They have been great to deal with and keep things running smoothly. I have used them for a while and have never had any kind of problems. I like the job they are doing.

~ Victor W.

Laura Sagen has been instrumental in maintaining the residential property portfolio of two very complicated estates with exceptional professionalism. I couldn't be more pleased with her proactive care of the rental houses. She has done a tremendous job balancing a complicated ownership configuration with the care and maintenance of the properties. Laura's attention to the tenants has been vital to tenant retention, which has served to maximize income production of the portfolio. Laura is also an outstanding communicator, which has proven to be yet another contribution that Laura has made to the portfolio's continued success.

~ Nicole

They do a great managing my home while I'm away working. My job took me out of the area and Sagen offered a great solution!

~ Susan G.

Sagen Group employees always go the extra step to provide fast rental service. You have a great team!

~ Maggie B.

Jenifer Miller is the best property manager that I have ever had. She inherited a disaster. The house had been trashed by the previous property manager and the tenants. She got the place all fixed up, worked with the insurance people such that some of the repairs got reimbursed. She had to work a lot with the contractor and the insurance people for many hours on her own. She found a renter who was a good fit that wanted to do some repair work as well as pay rent. Things have improved steadily since Jenifer took over. I am glad to have Jenifer as my property manager.

~ Steven T.

Fifteen years ago I selected Sagen Group as my property manager due to their reputation and rental knowledge. I continue to use them today because of their integrity and can do attitude. The owner, Laura Sagen, is hard working, accessible, and skilled in representing both my tenants and my interests as a landlord. I highly recommend Sagen Group Property Management.

~ Lewis C.

They do a great job and have done well taking care of my property. They have reduced maintenance costs while increasing my return. Their services seem to pay for themselves.

~ Abigail P.

It is with pleasure that we are writing regarding our relationship as apartment owners with Sagen Group. We have had the privilege of employing Sagen Group to manage our three small apartment buildings in Seattle. My wife and I have owned our buildings since the early 1980's and Sagen Group has managed our buildings for the past few years. They are exactly what we need in regards to management, since we live in eastern Washington and need management that is responsible and effective. We are especially pleased with Sagen's management style. They are friendly with us and our tenants as well as being very responsive when a need arises such as a maintenance issue or vacancy. During our relationship with Sagen we have had the opportunity to work with the owner, Laura Sagen, and our manager, Rochelle, along with the staff, including Robin who is the contact person for Sagen. We can hardly say enough positive things about how happy we have been with Sagen and their staff.

~ Richard D.

The managers here have shown their worth time and time again. I appreciate all of their efforts and cant remember when my rental was this worry free.

~ Susan P.

My family and I have used the Sagen Group to manage our many rental properties for over 20 years. Laura, Rochelle, and staff have always provided exemplary service in all aspects of property management. From initial screening of tenants through the collection of rents, the Sagen Group exercises the utmost professionalism. We have never been disappointed with the job they do. They are courteous, prompt, and understanding of the needs of property owners as well as tenants and strive to achieve satisfaction for all parties. We highly recommend the Sagen Group for all your property needs. In our opinion, the Sagen Group is unmatched in the greater Seattle area for professionalism and performance!

~ Dr. Rev. Alexander P. & Cheryl

As a condo owner I am very impressed and happy with the service provided by the Sagen Group. My unit is in a small complex where owners and tenants get to know each other. Tenants selected for my unit have readily fit into the condo community.

Laura Sagen and her group have provided me with quality tenants and have serviced both the tenant's needs and mine in a friendly, helpful, professional manner.

~ Laurie R.

I have been in a property managed by them for a while. The home is in good condition and there is little that goes wrong. When I have called them they are reasonable and willing to help. Thats a good property manager to me.

~ Chad C

It has been a pleasure to have Sagen Group as my property manager for the last couple of years. They have kept my duplex rented and well maintained. I have seen fewer tenants and vacancies since they took over in 2009. Their services have really paid for themselves.

~ Charles S.